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For over nineteen years Matt and Kristen have been helping organisations make the most of the digital world to achieve their strategic objectives.

While working for other organisations, we had the privilege of overseeing the design and development of websites that beat The Guardian and Dominos for prestigious industry awards and played a key role in helping a struggling airline turn things around by getting a better understanding of why their clients weren’t buying online.

However, as time passed, we found ourselves getting further and further away from the work we enjoyed most and it became clear quite quickly that we had reached a crossroads. We could either continue to climb our respective corporate ladders or, hop off and get back to doing what we loved: making a real impact in the day-to-day success of organisations by transforming their digital strategies and online presences.

Chartered Digital was born.

Dr Matt Barber and Kristen Sousa

“It’s been a pleasure working with Chartered Digital. From start to finish the team were on hand to guide us through the process. They delivered first class training on the platform so we were able to populate the new site ourselves and feel that sense of ownership. The team was just at the end of the phone to provide support if we ever needed it. Always helpful and quick to deal with any snags that we had in the run up to the launch – which went without a hitch. A big thank you for your patience! We couldn’t be happier with the end result and love getting compliments for the way it looks and hearing how easy it is for visitors to navigate.”

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