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What can podcasting do for you?

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Podcasting can take many forms. Perhaps the strongest is an episodic series of informal discussions on topics, issues and themes directly related to your sector.

Podcasting is an excellent way for a company to both deliver information about their services and to promote themselves to potential clients. They are easy to create and a great opportunity for a  business to give their social media accounts something to ‘bite on’. Ultimately they will help get traffic to their websites and to engage and inform their prospective customers.

So, what are the key things to note when you venture into the world of podcasting?

Use the expertise in your company when podcasting

In 2019, expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness will be the key to improving your search ranking and to engaging your prospective customers (see this excellent summary of SEO trends in 2019 for more information). Podcasts can give a voice to the experts in your company that will inspire trust in the listener so draw on your own knowledge base.

Short and pertinent episodes are best 

It is vital to keep your listeners attention, so short and punchy podcast episodes are key. The good thing about this is that each episode can hone in on a specific area of your business, building that ever-important feeling of authoritativeness with your listeners. Focus is your watchword.

Remember your audience

Aim your podcasts at the listener. The first step is to define and structure your episodes. Ensure they are addressing the issues and topics that give value to your customers. Whilst they can be a powerful promotional tool for your business, podcasts can also be a good way for a company to reflect back on their own services and products. This makes them a useful tool for disseminating information and news internally. It is crucial that your podcast balances information with promotion and that it is produced with the listener in mind. Remember that preparation is everything.

Remember to promote your podcast

Once you have a batch of episodes under your belt, you will need a plan for promoting them and getting them out to your potential customers. It’s a good idea to treat them like blog-posts perhaps stagger their release over time and ensure that each episode has a big push on social media. Planned correctly, episodes can be timed to coincide with news and events in your sector. Think big.

Link episodes to bonus material

Don’t just stop at podcasts. Take the opportunity to simultaneously release blog-posts, white-papers or infographics on the same theme as the podcast episode. Maybe accompany your podcast episodes with ‘show notes’ summarising the discussions. A well curated content strategy will instil trust and confidence with your potential customers.

For more information about how we can help you get your podcast off the ground, or how we can get your podcast in front of your potential customers, contact us now.