How to get along with your developer

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The relationship between client and developer can be a fractious one. The complexities of digital marketing, the occasional lack of concrete results and the language barrier (English versus Geek) can create a dislocation which, over the course of a long relationship, can lead to disharmony and, ultimately, a breakdown in communication. Below are some tips to help you navigate this relationship:

The first meeting is crucial.

This is a key moment in ensuring that the relationship between yourself and your developer is a viable one. Be clear about what you want from your website. Make sure you have a good sense of what has been agreed in terms of:

Budget.  The amount a project is offered for is part of the conversation. Digital marketing projects are flexible in terms of what is possible, so a good developer will offer a range of options based on how much you can afford to spend.

Deadline. Again this depends on what is being offered, but a developer should be able to breakdown the project in terms of time.

Business. A well supported digital marketing project depends on the developer having an understanding of the client’s business and of the client’s objectives. An outline of the project should have these aspects at its core.

Report any faults when they happen.

It is important to keep your developer informed about any bugs or errors – a website is a constantly updating entity and it relies on a regular flow of communication between you and the developer to make it stronger and more robust. To be effective, any feedback on issues needs to be detailed and ideally include screenshots so your developer can quickly target the issues and resolve them.

Don’t forget the peripherals.

A developer’s work doesn’t just stop with the website – a project can potentially include social media, daily, weekly or monthly updates to the site, ongoing maintenance or support. Make sure you know what’s being offered for the money you are paying and that you know what support is offered after the website has been made live.

We at Chartered Digital pledge the following:

  • We are bilingual: we speak both Geek and English. We will always try to explain what we do in plain and straightforward English. When that is not possible, we promise to use diagrams, hand gestures or interpretive dance until you, the client, is entirely clear about what we are suggesting.
  • We will never disappear after the project is complete. We promise to outline  everything we offer before starting a project. We are open and accessible – often by phone and, when possible, physically. If there are problems, concerns or snags we can be on hand to resolve them.
  • We will never oversell something or use the complexity of digital marketing to our advantage. We know that there are agencies out there who get away with doing very little under the camouflage of technical language – we promise to be transparent about everything we do.

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