Poldark – the BBC series set in the late 1700s in Cornwall featuring a brooding and unfeasibly toned copper mine owner seems like an unlikely source for a digital marketing blog, but the story reveals techniques and approaches that  can help lead generation in companies. Below are some of the things that the surly-but-ripply Ross Poldark can teach us:

1. Poldark takes advice.

He employs a specialist engineer who knows the sector and has the right theory to know how best to target, but he also keeps his ear to the ground, listening to the people at the coal-face (copper-face?) who have the instinct and experience. Talk to the experts.

2. Poldark has the right information.

His collection includes maps of the mine systems, including one that is closed but only partially explored. He has the data that, coupled with the advice, gives him an idea of the best approach to exploiting the material and assets he has. He knows the lie of the land before he digs down into it. Get good data and do your research.

3. Poldark knows that it’s best not to focus all his energy on one mine.

He sees opportunities in other systems on his land, even a mine that has been abandoned. He sees how mines can join up and recognises the benefits in constantly changing gear in his quest for copper. Speculate to accumulate.

4. Poldark uses modern technology (a water pump), he resurrects a closed mine.

Poldark knows that investing in the latest techniques can deliver. Know what the latest trends and technology is. Don’t get left behind.

Finally, as with scything hay in a field in Cornwall, if approaching companies it is often best to do so without a top on.

That last tip might be a lie.

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